Coastal & Marine Research Laboratory


The activities of the Costal & Marine Research Laboratory ( ) are aligned with the blue growth strategy, including expansively operational forecasting and data collection and assimilation in coastal and marine research, with applications in modelling of coastal processes, maritime spatial planning, operational oceanography, climatic change and risk assessment on coastal environment, lower atmosphere weather modelling and air-sea interaction. Applications will include, also expansively, natural and cultural resources, tourism, and marine safety. The collaboration with the University of Bologna (IT) and the participation to the European scientific networks, like MONGOOS and MEDSLIK-II, on operational oceanography and pollution forecasting on operational oceanography and marine pollution, are actions of high priority for the laboratory. Further, CMRL has part of the societal needs and market driven research, at regional level, a proof of it being (a) the just accepted for funding, from the RIS3Crete program, IT system (based on operational oceanographic, weather, and bioclimatic forecasting coupled with in situ/remote data assimilation) to support marine tourism planning; this is already under exploitation from a certain municipality to acquire the service for its municipal beaches; the objective being thus secure the funding for further extension of this IT system to support agriculture and maritime transport and safety, and exploit new services for new stakeholders, (b) collaborates with local stakeholders, public and private, for service and consulting provision. Finally, the medical subgroup of CMRL, will keep on investing its expertise in computational medicine to the development of (a) medical eHealth tools, (b) Virtual Reality and augmented reality tools for medical training, and (c) protocols based on early warning to mitigate the effect of environmental factors on human health.

Dr. Nikolaos Kampanis

Research Director,

Head of the Coastal & Marine Research Laboratory