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The Data Science Group was established in 2019 and focuses on a) methodological research questions related to data science and algorithmic artificial intelligence, b) foundational questions regarding the best achievable performance limits in various tasks of data modeling, analysis and inference, and c) interdisciplinary research questions from a wide variety of research domains, including Social Sciences, Geo-Sciences, Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, Environmental and Transportation Engineering, among others. Current activity areas include frequentist and Bayesian spatio-temporal modelling, the development of information-theoretic tools, high-dimensional and functional data analysis, time-series forecasting and online predictive and anomaly detection algorithms. Researchers from the Data Science Group participate in the Statistical Learning Lab, which fosters multidisciplinary collaborations, develops software products, research publications and patents and contributes to the education and training of students and young researchers.  
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  • 2023

    • Tzirakis K, Kamarianakis Y, Kontopodis N, Ioannou CV. Classification of Blood Rheological Models through an Idealized Symmetrical Bifurcation. Symmetry. 2023; 15(3):630
    • Mazaris,AD, Dimitriadis, C, Papazekou, M, Schofield, G, Doxa, A, Chatzimentor, A, Turkozan, O, Katsanevakis S, Lioliou A, Abalo-Morla S, Aksissou M, Arcangeli A, Attard V, Atttiri H, Hili EI,Atzori F, Belda EJ, Nakhla LB, Berbash AA, Bjorndal KA, Broderick AC, Camiñas JA, Candan O, Cardona I, Cetkovic I, Dakik N, Andrea de Lucia G, Dimitrakopoulos PS,  Diryaq S, Favilli C,  Fortuna, CM, Fuller WJ,  Gallon S, Hamza A, Jribi I,  Ben Ismail M, Kamarianakis, Y, Kaska Y Korro K,  Koutsoubas D, Lauriano G, Lazar B, March D, Marco A, Minotou C, Monsinjon JR, Naguib NM, Palialexis A, Piroli V, Karaa Sami K, Sönmez B, Sourbès L, Sözbilen, D, Vandeperre, F, Vignes, P, Xanthakis, M,  Köpsel, V, Peck, MA, Priorities for Mediterranean marine turtle conservation and management in the face of climate change, Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 339, 2023, 117805
    • Tzirakis, K., Kamarianakis, Y., Kontopodis, N., Ioannou, C.V. The Effect of Blood Rheology and Inlet Boundary Conditions on Realistic Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms under Pulsatile Flow Conditions (2023) Bioengineering, 10 (2), art. no. 272.
    • Georgoulis, E.H., Loulakis, M., Tsiourvas, A. Discrete gradient flow approximations of high dimensional evolution partial differential equations via deep neural networks (2023) Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 117, art. no. 106893.
    • Ntroumpogiannis, A., Giannoulis, M., Myrtakis, N., Christophides, V., Simon, E., Tsamardinos, I. A meta-level analysis of online anomaly detectors (2023) VLDB Journal.

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