Special Sessions

The Conference Programme will include the following Special Sessions

Organizer Topic
Chris Harrison and Peter Nielsen Ambient Noise and Reverberation
Dan Givoli and Geza Seriani Wave Modelling by Finite Element Methods
Jean-Pierre Vilotte and Geza Seriani Computational Seismology
Finn Jensen and Mario Zampoli Numerical Modelling Techniques for Multi-Scale Structural Acoustics Problems
Jean-Pierre Hermand and Mathias Meyer Adjoint Modelling and Variational Inversions
Oleg Godin Infrasound in Ocean and Atmosphere
Sean Wu, Bodo Nolte and Steffen Marburg Theory and Applications in Locating Sound Sources in 3D Space
Stan Dosso and Eliza Michalopoulou Geoacoustic Inversions
Sven Ivansson Acoustic Propagation Modelling



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