Ph.D. Thesis awarded

In February 2011 Dr Eleutherios Mantelas successfully, defended his PhD thesis at the Dept. of Rural and Surveying Engineering , of the National Technical University in Athens. The topic of his Ph.D thesis was on Cellular Automata Fuzzy Engine: Computational Simulation of Urban Expansion using Fuzzy Cellular Automata Dr. Mantelas did his Ph.D. while working as a Research Associate at the Regional Analysis Division of IACM during 2008 - 2011.

Coordination of BRIDGE Project

Coordination of the BRIDGE Project: Sustainable urban planning decision support accounting for urban metabolism (2008 - 2011) with Funding from the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), which aims at bridging the gap between bio-physical sciences and urban planners and to illustrate the advantages of accounting for environmental issues on a routine basis in design decisions. BRIDGE will provide the means to quantitative estimate the various components of the urban metabolism (observation of physical flows and modeling), the means for quantitative estimate their impacts (socio-economic and environmental impact assessments and indicators), as well as the means for resource optimization in urban fabric (support the decision making in urban planning). BRIDGE will focus on the interrelation between energy and material flows and urban structure.

Participation in SUME Project

Participation in SUME Project: Sustainable urban metabolism for Europe (2008 - 2011) with Funding from the EU 7th Framework Programme (FP7). In SUME, the urban metabolism shall be understood as a metaphor for our society’s way of dealing with its natural environment. With global climate change, limited resources and sources of energy, the question of how a healthy level of metabolic exchange with the environment can be achieved is gaining a dramatic new actuality. It is the question of how existing urban areas shall be transformed and new cities or expansions should be planned to be researched in SUME with a truly comprehensive approach.

AGILE 2004

AGILE 2004, 7th AGILE conference on Geographic Information Science, April 29th - May 1st,Heraklion,Greece

China-EU Cooperation Forum

Regional Analysis Division participated, as part of the ANFAS project (www.ercim.org/anfas), in China-EU Cooperation Forum on Information Society, in Beijing 16-20 April 2002 (www.eurochina2002.com). This grand event, co-sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry and the European Commission (Directorate General Information Society), aimed to enhance the dialogue and cooperation and strengthen R&D and business relationships in the field information society between China and Europe.,