Regional Analysis Division


The research work carried out by the Regional Analysis group concentrates on the development of mathematical, statistical and computational tools and methods that can be used for managing, analyzing and visualizing geographic (spatial) data.  This is a rapidly developing research area commonly referred to as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and, more recently, Geoinformatics and/or Geotechnology.  Since GIS are the only information technology tools that can manage, analyze and visualize geographic data, they have many applications in environmental studies, urban planning, transportation, etc.  The tools and methods that the group is developing are used in the public and private sector as an aid in formulating rational development policies.  Specifically, the group develops decision support systems for use in environmental, regional, and urban planning, applications of remote sensing techniques, applications of telematics based on digital maps, tools for the management and visualization of digital maps on the web, tools for GPS and locational based services, and applications of spatial statistical analyses.

The group members include scientists with a wide spectrum of expertise from the areas of geography, applied informatics, remote sensing, atmospheric physics, statistics, operations research, urban and regional planning, transportation and economics.  Its research work has been supported by many competitive EU-funded grants and grants by various Greek public and private organizations.  It has developed important cooperation with universities and research centers in Europe, the United States, China, Japan and the Middle East.  The group has coordinated the first large cooperative research project between the EU and China (decision support systems for the management of river floods) and has provided a variety of services and products under contract to industry and many Greek national, regional and municipal public agencies.

Dr. Poulicos Prastacos is head of the division.

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