Complex Systems Group


Many Applied Mathematicians, who hold academic appointments at Greek Universities, mainly, but not exclusively, at the Departments of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics of the University of Crete, collaborate closely with IACM.  They form a group whose main common research activity is the construction, analysis and solution of mathematical models from various physical, biomedical and technological sciences.  In particular, the members of this group conduct basic research in the analysis and numerical solution of partial differential equations that occur in fluid mechanics and elasticity, kinetic theory, materials science, geophysics, and in the area of free-boundary-value problems.  In recent years, members of the group have also been active in the study of mathematical models in biology and medicine, specifically in optical tomography, angeiogenesis, chemotaxis and tumor growth.  In the latter area, mathematical modelling has been combined with experimental work in the Biomathematics Laboratory.  Research at IACM in these areas has been supported by many competitive EU grants, including Marie Curie Research Training Networks and Host Fellowship Programs, like “Viscosity Solutions and Applications”, “Hyperbolic Conservation Laws”, “Fronts and Singularities”, “Hyperbolic and Kinetic Equations”, “MC-Wave”, “Modelling, mathematical methods and computer simulation in tumor growth and therapy”.  Over the years, many Greek and European doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows have been trained in Applied Mathematics at the Institute and in other European institutions collaborating with IACM in these networks.