Wave Propagation Group Research & Development Activities


The ocean acoustic propagation and inversion codes developed by the group are integrated in user-friendly software environments. These environments are integrated in the sense that they provide a broad range of tools and data for properly defining and efficiently solving problems in underwater acoustics.

Software packages developed

  • VISUAL ACOUSTICS: Acoustic field prediction
  • PDA: Passive underwater acoustic detection analysis
  • TOMOLAB: Design and analysis of ocean acoustic tomography experiments (OCTOPUS project)
  • CALYPSO: Analysis and performance prediction of underwater acoustic detection systems (CASPER project)
  • TRITON: A prototype software environment for bistatic detection analysis (http://triton.iacm.forth.gr/)
  • OCEAN SOUND LAB: An educational software environment offering an introduction to underwater sound (http://osl.iacm.forth.gr/)