Wave Propagation Group Research & Development Activities


The laboratory was created in order to undertake high quality experiments either in its experimental tank or in the open sea, support the Wave Propagation group with laboratory experiments, expand the areas of interest of the Institute to other applications of ultrasound measurements and provide services to interested groups, agencies and companies.


Laboratory Infrastructure

  • Experimental Tank (2,5m x 1,5m x 1,3m)
  • Electronically controlled system of axes with two independent arms and four degrees of freedom
  • A pulser-receiver, a waveform generator and an oscilloscope.
  • Signal and Power Amplifiers
  • Data Acquisition cards (on board and USB)
  • Ultrasonic transducers (central frequency 500 kHz and 5MHz)
  • Laboratory omni-directional hydrophones?? (10??z -120kHz and 300-800 kHz).
  • Portable 16 channel signal acquisition system, portable waveform generator with amplifier and low frequency sound source.
  • Two towed array systems with three and two hydrophones respectively.
  • Omni-directional hydrophones suitable for use in the sea environment ??(10??z -280kHz)
  • Pingers, ??transponders and TDR (temperature and depth recorders).






  • Wave propagation experiments ??? medium range and short range simulations.
  • Bottom reconstruction experiments ??? layer identification and acoustic parameters estimation.
  • Hydrophone and source calibration.
  • Acquisition, recording and analyzing of sounds produced by sea creatures (fishes, cetaceans etc) in tanks or in the open sea.
  • Acquisition, recording and analyzing of sounds produced in the sea environment (ship noise etc).
  • Target recognition and identification.
  • Ultrasonic Inspection.
  • High resolution Ultrasonic scanning.




Collaboration and Projects

  • Laboratoire de M??canique et d'Acoustique (LMA) CNRS, Marseille France. Close collaboration in the framework of Greek-French bilateral cooperations.
  • Ecole Naval Brest France. Collaborations in the framework of practical training of French Naval Academy students.
  • Universit?? de Marseille. Collaborations in the framework of practical training of French students.
  • Pelagos Institute. Participation in field trips for the recording of sounds produced by cetaceans in the Ionian Sea and Southwest Crete.
  • University of Crete, Biology Department and Technical University of Crete (TEI). Collaboration in the framework of project Archimedes II and Archimedes III..

Services Provided

  • Laboratory Experimental data. Data recorded during high quality experiments can be used in order to verify theoretical models of sound propagation or sound reflections.
    Possible users??: Universities, Research centers.
  • Experimental data from the sea environment. Sounds acquired and recorded in the sea environment or in fish breeding-farming sites.
    Possible users: Navy, Institutes of sea biology, fish breeding companies, environmental studies agencies
  • Instrument Calibration. Calibration in the laboratory of acoustic devices such as hydrophones, transducers, sounds sources etc.
    Possible users: Navy, Shipping companies.
  • Experimental data database. The laboratory is creating a user friendly Web server for Hydro-Acoustics Laboratory Experiments (W.H.A.L.E.), where scientists and researchers can log in and retrieve data from experiments performed in the laboratory with complete instructions for using the server and downloading data.


Laboratory Head:   Dr. Papadakis Panagiotis, Senior Scientist
Telephone:   0030 2810 391786 (Office) 0030 2810 391885(Laboratory)
Fax:   0030 2810 391728 - 0030 2810 391801
e-mail:   panos at iacm*forth*gr