Wave Propagation Group Research & Development Activities


The knowledge of the structure and composition of the upper sediments of the ocean bottom is of great importance for acoustic propagation studies. The traditional method for collecting such geological information is through in situ sampling (e.g. coring) of the sea bed. However, this method is time consuming and expensive, whereas it supplies only very localized point samples, and still involves a fair amount of interpretation before these data can be used in acoustic propagation predictions.

Sea-bed reconstruction by acoustic means offers an efficient alternative to traditional sampling and in this connection it is a topic of much interest in the underwater acoustics community. The development of inversion methods for the recovery of structure and composition of the sea floor from acoustic data is one of the group s activities. Particular emphasis is put on multilayered and elastic bottoms.?? The inversion techniques developed have been successfully applied to acoustic data from tank and field experiments. .

IACM contributions

  • Reflection coefficient methods
  • Matched-field geoacoustic inversions
  • Modal geoacoustic inversions
  • Continuous and hybrid sea-bed models

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