Wave Propagation Group Research & Development Activities

The wave propagation group conducts basic and applied research in ocean acoustic wave propagation, scattering and acoustic tomography in complex underwater waveguides. More specifically, its members are active in ocean acoustic propagation modeling (full wave-theoretic and high-frequency asymptotic methods), ocean acoustic tomography (modeling of tomographic observables, development of inversion methods, analysis of large-scale tomography experiments), ocean acoustic localization (source localization, float navigation, moving source/receiver tomography), sea-bed identification (reflection coefficient methods, matched-field and matched-mode geoacoustic inversion, analysis of experiments), inverse scattering in acoustic waveguides (reconstruction of velocity anomalies, inverse boundary-value problems), ocean bioacoustics (analysis and characterization of cetacean sounds, passive localization of vocalizing whales). The group operates a hydroacoustics laboratory and a seismological station.