Major achievements

  • Internationally recognized research in underwater acoustics. Development of mathematical methods for the measurement of temperature changes in the Mediterranean through underwater acoustic tomography methods.

  • Novel and efficient computing methods for simulating complex aerodynamic and physiological flows, and linear and nonlinear wave phenomena.

  • Coordination of the first major research cooperation program between the E.U. and China. (Development of a decision support system for river flood management).

  • Novel experimental and computational methods for the study and imaging of the structure and function of the brain.

Products and Services

  • Contribution to national defence: Development of an integrated system for the prediction and analysis of underwater acoustic detection for the Greek Navy.

  • GI Systems for the Athens Urban Transport Organization.

  • Statistical information systems and statistical analyses for the Greek National Statistical Service.

  • Development of management information systems for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games works. Website of the International Olympic Committee.

  • Web GIS applications: Electronic city guides and travellers' information systems. Digital maps for Greek urban street networks.

  • Experimental tank for acoustical measurements and instrument calibration.

  • Development of new products for industry: cooperation with FORTHNET S.A., Infocharta Ltd, et al.

Contribution to regional development

  • Electronic network for regional business support services in Crete. Studies of transport and export of agricultural products of Crete.

  • Cooperation with municipal authorities of Crete (digital map of Heraklion, optimization of routing of sanitary services, studies of rural transport systems).

  • Electronic health map of Greece. Decision support systems for regional health services.

  • Acoustic tracking and study of marine mammals in southern Crete sea in collaboration with the Cetacean Research Institute "Pelagos".

  • Training in informatics of secondary school mathematics teachers.

  • Water resources management and decision support systems for Crete.

Educational Activities

The Institute has always had important educational activity in the training of graduate students. IACM members have supervised many doctoral, master's and undergraduate theses. IACM is a partner in the interdepartmental, interdisciplinary graduate programs "Optics and Vision" and "Brain and Mind" in collaboration with the University of Crete and other Greek Universities. IACM has also been a partner in several Research Training Networks (RTN) and Early Stage Training (EST) Programs supported by the E.U. and aimed primarily towards training of young scientists, post docs and graduate students. (Current RTN's: "Hyperbolic and Kinetic Equations", "Fronts and Singularities", "MCWave", "Modeling, mathematical methods and computer simulation for tumour growth and therapy". Current EST's: "Molecular Imaging"). The Institute also has long experience in organizing training activities and programs in informatics and, recently, in e-learning. In cooperation with the Department of Mathematics of the University of Crete it organizes the important training conference series "Current Trends in Mathematics: Algebra, Geometry, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Applications to Biology" at the Academic Village of Anogeia in Crete, which is supported mainly by the Marie-Curie E.U. Program.

The Computational Neuroscience (CN) Group is included in actions of "Excellence in Higher Education" (for Mathematics and Information Sciences; http://excellence.minedu.gov.gr/listing/175-computational-neuroscience).